Alaha Ahrar - Instead of Hate, May Love Rain Down

Sydney Bernstein-Miller - Wanderlust

Erin Berry - Tor

Emil Moses Carmagesh - hunger

Christina Crockett - Lucy's Bobby Pin

Sophia Le Fraga - Berlin Reflection

Alexandra Hoey - Dwelling

Christine LaPlaca - I am

Amy Maddox - Mother - Unrequited Christmas

Allie Marini - we are invincible and infinite when it is storming

Irene Mathieu - Everything That Is Deep

Amanda Montell - Ask Me on a Breeze

Aser Peleg - Rolling da Akbars - Oompa Lumpia

Aaron Samuels - the blackjewish brother or tashlikh

Emily Shearer - Some of My Parts

Manda Simmons - Wounded Knee, 1890

Jordan Sotudeh - Ragazza di Staples or I feel greasy mouth-watering like a chicken wing: a Krakatau...

George Such - Questions at Sunset, Phuket, Thailand - No Polite Escape

Ryann Tanap - The Reply

Kelsey Torstveit - Long Distance Relationship

Laura Madeline Wiseman - Refuse to See - Onset - Craft