About Us

Mission Statement

Sole is several parts: “sun,” an origin, and a singular entity. Sol and its variances signify “sun” in many Romance languages. It’s a universal nucleus for life crossing borders. Sole also draws us down to our feet, our connection with shared earth. Signifying the singular, sole also ironically separates us from these shared linguistic, cultural, and geographic spaces.

Sole Literary Journal seeks to explicate how an individual balances their shared heritage with their chosen societal niche. We look for works that delve deeper than roots, stretch across borders, and search closer  to home.

Simply put, we seek submissions focused on identity and heritage and any tensions, originalities, or truths found within them.

We are a student-run literary journal at the University of Mary Washington. We hope to build a broad base among our published authors, artists, and contributors. Please contact us at solelitjournal@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook